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TK3 - Tuakau, Port Waikato, Frost Rd, Tuakau Bridge

Network Number :1545           

School: Tuakau College/Te Kohanga School

Area Serviced : Tuakau Bridge/Frost Rd/Port Waikato

Time Morning Time Afternoon
  Depart Tuakau College to Tuakau Bridge    
7:10am Depart Tuakau Bridge to Frost Rd/Aitken Rd   RUN1
  Via River Rd, Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Rd, Frost 14:30pm Depart Pukekawa School to 130 Native Road
07:15am  Depart Frost Rd/Aitken Rd Terminus to Klondyke   via SH22, Clark & Denize Rd, Morrison Rd, Native Rd,
  Via Frost Rd, Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Rd, Klondyke Rd   130 Native Road to Tuakau College
07:30am  Depart Klondyke Rd to Port Waikato cnr Maunsell Rd and Mission Rd   via Native Rd, Morrison Rd, Mercer Ferry Rd, Mile Bush Rd, SH22, River Rd, George St, Elizabeth St
  Via Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Rd, Maunsell Rd, Mission Rd   RUN2
    15:35pm Depart Tuakau College to Te Kohanga School
07:45am Depart Maunsell Rd to Te Kohanga School   via Elizabeth St, Edinburgh St, School Rd, River Rd, Port Waikato-Tuakau Bridge Rd,
  Via Maunsell Rd, Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Rd    
  (Load only Te Kohanga and Tuakau College at Port Waikato) 16:00pm Depart Te Kohanga School to Port Waikato
08.00am Depart Te Kohanga School to Tuakau College   Port Waikato-Tuakau Bridge Rd, Maunsell Rd, to Mission Rd Bus Stop
  via Tuakau Bridge-Port Waikato Rd, River Rd, School Rd, Edinburgh St Elizabeth St,   Depart Port Waikato to Tuakau College

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